How to survive in a world of agile delivery

Program and Project managers new to agile – how to survive in a world of agile delivery

Feature teams are an unreachable idealistic state

Feature teams are an unreachable, idealistic state

Scaling Agile Community Meetup Adelaide – Scaling Agility across your enterprise with Kanban

Scaling Agility with Kanban

“It’s on the Backlog”

I’ve heard this being said a number of times with teams and it often reminds me of the story the Jeff Patton told in his book “User Story Mapping” when he was talking about requirements. In that story,… Read More

Use options instead of backlogs

Often we become constrained in our thinking by the language we use – a good example is the use of the term “backlog” instead of “options”. Quite often if you say to someone “It’s on the backlog”, the… Read More