Kanban Team & Program Launch

The Kanban Team and Program Launch are packages that are combinations of training, consulting and tooling support to help your team or program get started with Kanban. This includes:

  • Kanban System Design to help design your Kanban system
  • Additional STATIK workshops and discussions where required
  • Tooling support – taking your system design and setting up boards / card types in your tooling to get you started
  • Cadences – consulting & coaching to help get the key cadences established.
  • Understanding of metrics and how to action them
  • At some point in the future (eg 3-6 months) selected leaders & coaches should go on to do the Kanban Systems Improvement course  (and become KMPs) to further enhance the maturity of the base kanban system.

The team and program launch are designed to give you the right support so that you can more rapidly move into a Maturity level 2 (Customer Driven) on the Kanban Maturity Model.

Kanban Team Launch

There are two main forms here:

  • Light – This is where the team lead is exposed to Kanban System Design. The remainder of the team can optionally take Team Kanban Practitioner to get an understanding of how to behave within a kanban system.
  • Whole team – This is where the whole team take Kanban System Design together. This is the preferred approach, because the whole team co-create their kanban system and it leads to smoother / more rapid uptake.

Kanban Program Launch

The Kanban Program Launch will vary based on the size / nature of the program or portfolio. Generally speaking, the leads on the program (eg from the various teams / streams) will come together in a Kanban System Design training session to create the initial Kanban system. This may need to have further STATIK workshops or sessions to deal with the more complicated and interconnected nature of these environments.

Ideally, we’d start with the teams in the program and do a Team Launch for each of those which would feed into the program view. However, in time / resource constrained environments, we can start at the program level and supplement with the STATIK workshops to understand the nature of the work for each team so that we can get the program / portfolio layer underway. 

Furthermore, we’ll seek to establish some additional cadences around the “team of teams” structure that so often comes with programs / portfolios of work. Thus the coaching / consulting nature will often continue for a little longer than typical for the team flow due to the additional complexities.