Daniel Ploeg

Daniel is the first Australian to become an Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC) and Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT). As such, he is passionate about helping teams become “Fit for Purpose” using Kanban to help them. Helping the teams unburden themselves from being overloaded with work as well as helping managers make better commitments and expectations is part of what he does. You’ll see Daniel at conferences and meetups talking about how Kanban can help you. If you’re interested in Kanban, please come and say hello and ask how he can help you. 

Silke Noll (Guest trainer)

Silke is a Wellington, New Zealand based Accredited Kanban Trainer and Kanban Coaching Professional. She loves to work with Dan as they share an immense passion for Kanban; they both say that it once changed their life. As a cross-cultural trainer, it’s the cultural change aspect that makes her excited, improving team and organisational cultures, into more co-operative work environments with the common purpose to deliver fit-for-purpose products and services to their customers. Silke and Dan regularly organise their shared meetups on their side of the world – Dan has the Melbourne and Sydney based Kanban meetups, Silke’s meetup is called “Kanban New Zealand”. Some people have called her “the Kanban person in New Zealand”.

Sally Sloley (Guest trainer)

Sally Sloley is an Agile Coach who specialises in Visual Agile Management and works mostly in Sydney, Australia. Her love of Kanban started back in 2011 when she was first introduced to the concept at a Kaizen Camp. She’s always up for chatting about challenges and how to solve them visually.

Soma Mazumder (Guest trainer)

Soma started her journey with Kanban in 2018. Soma has applied Kanban in a range of different organisations – from startups through to large corporates. Soma is passionate about using evolutionary change techniques to help people and their organisations achieve better outcomes.