Kanban Campfire Retrospective

Kanban Campfire Retrospective – get deeper understanding of your Kanban system with the team

Is it reasonable to work on 1000 things at once?

Too much work? Limit WiP to enable better work balance.

Should cards move backwards on a Kanban board?

Should cards move backwards on a Kanban Board?

Upstream and Downstream comparison

Differences between upstream and downstream in Kanban Systems

Scaling Agile Community Meetup Adelaide – Scaling Agility across your enterprise with Kanban

Scaling Agility with Kanban

If only we had better estimates

Better estimates are not necessarily going to solve your problem

Kanban applies over the top of your existing process

Kanban applies over your existing process

Focus on core problems

Focus on core problems

Kanban board design: sub-columns

Kanban board design sub-columns

Escalations create longer waits

Escalations create longer wait times

Using Lead Time Distribution Charts for Improvements

Lead time distribution charts are very useful for making improvements to your system of work. Understanding what to target and when will ensure that you get the best “bang for your buck” in improvements. Making these improvement will… Read More

Kanban Unconference

Kanban Unconference