Upstream and Downstream comparison

Differences between upstream and downstream in Kanban Systems

Scaling Agile Community Meetup Adelaide – Scaling Agility across your enterprise with Kanban

Scaling Agility with Kanban

If only we had better estimates

Better estimates are not necessarily going to solve your problem

Kanban applies over the top of your existing process

Kanban applies over your existing process

Focus on core problems

Focus on core problems

Kanban board design: sub-columns

Kanban board design sub-columns

Escalations create longer waits

Escalations create longer wait times

Using Lead Time Distribution Charts for Improvements

Lead time distribution charts are very useful for making improvements to your system of work. Understanding what to target and when will ensure that you get the best “bang for your buck” in improvements. Making these improvement will… Read More

Kanban Unconference

Kanban Unconference

Using Work Item Ageing Charts

Work item ageing charts are particularly useful for solving issues that are currently impacting your teams. Whilst other charts such as Lead Time Distributions and Scatterplots can be useful for coming up with countermeasures for issues that you… Read More

Option / Backlog item expiry date

Backlogs often become a dumping ground for ideas. Some of those ideas are good, others might need some exploration before we understand if they’re worth it or not, but many of them are often not worth pursuing. After… Read More

Using Input / Output charts

These are not very widely used, but are one of my favourite charts for helping to manage flow. I find it quite simple as well, which once you finish this article I hope you also find it equally… Read More