Scaling Agile Community Meetup Adelaide – Scaling Agility across your enterprise with Kanban

Scaling Agility with Kanban

Story Points – should you use them?

Should you use story points

Are product owners a broken concept?

Product owners are a broken concept

Using Input / Output charts

These are not very widely used, but are one of my favourite charts for helping to manage flow. I find it quite simple as well, which once you finish this article I hope you also find it equally… Read More

High performing team or better cross team interactions?

A high performing team might make the difference in a small organisation, but as you grow its requires teams of teams to reach outcomes. Optimise the right thing for those outcomes.

Uncovering embedded options through a bias for delivery

I’ve recently been thinking about a number of experiences in my career where organisations who have a bias for delivery have uncovered options that were not previously available to them. I’ve also seen others who had a tendency… Read More

Constant WiP

Dealing with Resistance to WiP Limits Sometimes teams will understand the concept of WiP limits and be reasonably open to them, but perhaps their process is still emergent or they don’t yet understand what WiP limits they should… Read More

Per Person WiP Limits

Dealing with Resistance to WiP Limits Another technique for dealing with resistance to explicit WiP limits is to try limiting WiP per person. This can be useful for a team who is not used to working coherently together… Read More

Why use Kanban?

Why use Kanban? Kanban is more than just a “board” – the Kanban Agendas explain why you should start with kanban

The Melbourne Cup Retro

I’ve been doing this retrospective format for a number of years now and it’s been very useful. Given that we’re moving into Spring here in Melbourne I thought it would be a fitting time to publish this as… Read More

LAST Conference – Melbourne 2019

On Tuesday 30 July I attended the LAST (Lean, Agile, Systems-Thinking) Conference in Melbourne. This year I presented a talk entitled “An Introduction to STATIK – getting started with Kanban” plus I also did a workshop of “The… Read More

Encourage acts of leadership at all levels

This is the final of the three Kanban Change Management Principles. Often this may start to emerge early in the process with a few leaders willing to try the Kanban journey. However, in order for it to be… Read More