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These videos come from the Kanban New Zealand meetup group’s youtube channel from recent meetups. These sessions were recorded as dual meetups with the Melbourne Kanban Meetup and the Sydney Limited WiP Society meetup. Checkout the channel for more great kanban talks and discussions and sign up to your local meetup for the upcoming sessions!

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Marcio Sete: Automating fit-for-purpose analysis in Value Streams

Teodora Bozheva - Project Management with Kanban​

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Kanban University Videos

These videos come from the Kanban University youtube channel. This is just a small selection of videos that are available – please check out this channel for more awesome kanban videos.

I included the Nave demo session here because there are so many people in the Australian market using Jira. If you’re using Jira and you can’t migrate to a purpose built kanban tool (eg SwiftKanban, Kanbanize, LeanKit), then you really should use the Nave plugin to help with your data.