The getKanban game is the original kanban for knowledge work simulation. There are so many kanban elements covered in this simulation that it really stands out as a great learning experience for all involved. The game runs using a board and tickets, plus all the supporting gameplay boards and metrics. It’s run with individuals playing in a small group as a “team”. It’s best to run with several “teams” in a single session because you can unlock different learning through each team experience. 

Two formats now available!

In Person – Make the most of personal interactions with the latest physical board version of the game. 

Virtual – The newest version of getKanban. Play remotely with new gameplay features adapted for the virtual environment. 

Learning Elements

  • WiP Limits
  • Classes of Service
  • Kanban Metrics
  • Kanban system policies
  • Dealing with bottlenecks and blockages
  • When to commit to work
  • How to predict when work will finish
  • Kanban Cadences

Teamplay variations

  • Competition mode – you can play in competition mode to determine which team out of your group can make the most money! Competition can be fierce and your decisions will help determine the outcome of the game.
  • Fit for Purpose mode – in this mode, each team has a different purpose that they are trying to optimise for. In trying to improve their service for their specific purpose, each team will deploy different strategies and techniques to become “Fit for Purpose”. Compare and contrast these approaches to learn how best to meet the needs of your customers.