Large Batch Death Spiral

This is a term I first come across in Don Reinertsen’s “Principles of Product Development Flow” book (“B9: The Batch Size Death Spiral Principle”), but I’m constantly reminding myself of its importance . Essentially, this describes the behaviour of how large batches with their infrequent delivery seem to attract more and more work – becoming …

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Constant WiP

Dealing with Resistance to WiP Limits Sometimes teams will understand the concept of WiP limits and be reasonably open to them, but perhaps their process is still emergent or they don’t yet understand what WiP limits they should put on the parts of their flow. One possible solution to this scenario is the Constant WiP …

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Right to Left

Dealing with Resistance to WiP Limits This is one of what will become a series of blog posts that discuss and give options on how to deal with resistance to WiP limits. Having WiP limits for the first time can be confronting for many teams and organisations. For those who have been utilisation or specialisation …

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