Kanban for Lawyers Workshop


Understand how Kanban can help legal service professionals


Are you a lawyer, paralegal, legal project manager or other professional working in legal services?

Do you find any of the following challenges occur in you work:

  • Being overburdened from too much work
  • Constantly having to switch contexts
  • Meeting demanding client commitments
  • Dependencies (on clients, other parties and regulatory agencies)
  • A sense that you lack control over your work and your destiny

Kanban has helped all sorts of knowledge workers in the past this workshop will describe more specifically how it can help legal services professionals such as yourself. We'll explore those problems, describe from a high level what Kanban is and how it can be applied to legal services. We'll conclude with how you can get started to understand more about Kanban so that you can start to tackle these pain points. 

Kanban can be applied to those working in legal firms as well as in-house teams. There are some nuances in each context that we'll talk through to ensure that you can tailor your Kanban implementation to your contextual needs. 


If you want to find out more, we have further details in this new course specifically designed for legal professionals: 

LKP Credential