Agile Overhaul – Pivoting to Post Agile


Understand the complexity of value creation networks that discover, create and deliver value


Large organizations are so inherently complex that many agile transformations struggle, rather than living up to the promise.The result is a Babylonian confusion.Agile practices are frequently misunderstood, improperly imposed, or the right practices are applied in t h e w r o n g context.Governancestructuresandtoolsclashwithagile and vice versa. Debates arise about the es sence and lim itations of agile, w ith som e touting flow and value streamsasthenew agile.Onecanevensenseapushto reintroduce some of the old (waterfal) project managementconcepts,restrictingagiletotheteam level.


Thepurposeofthisworkshopistoshow thewayoutof thismess.ToquoteMarcusAurelius:“Theimpedimentto actionadvancesaction.Whatstandsinthewaybecomes theway.”Withthisinmind,theworkshopinvitestotakea freshlookatorganisationalagility.Itcalsforaprofound overhaul,pivotingfrom largescaleagiletransformationsto more nuanced and context-specific strategies. As a response,itteacheshow practitionerscannurtureand develop their ow n netw ork(s) of practices to create the freedom toflowinacomplexvaluecreationnetwork.

For more information, please download the flyer. 

What you will learn

Throughout the training, we will follow the journey of an agile squad, being part of a larger organization, that is well into its agile transformation. Using simulations, we will go through the squad'sexperiencesandextractpowerfullesonsfrom it.Participantswilworkontheirown casesduringthetraining.

  • Learn to navigate the complexities and paradoxes within large organisations and address common obstacles and challenges faced during agile tranformations
  • Be realistic about the applicability of current methods
  • Identify the challenges to create flow in a value creation network
  • Develop organisational liquidity to match uncertain demand with constrained supply


Who should attend

  • Agile Coaches
  • Managers in large organisations
  • Team and squad members in agile transformations

Requirements / Pre-requisites

Attendees must have attended either the Onboard or Embark with Team Flow training

Attendees will be required to bring their own laptop for the session