Kanban Australia KMP Bundle


Kanban Australia Conference 2023 + Kanban Management Professional Training


Kanban Australia Conference + KMP Bundle

This bundle gives you a free conference ticket when you purchase together with the Kanban System Design and Kanban Systems Improvement training. The best way to begin your journey of Kanban knowledge is with this package - you get to hear from internationally renowned and local speakers as well as get started with Kanban by getting official training from Kanban University accredited trainers. 


Kanban Australia Conference 2023

Kanban Australia is brought to you to help promote deeper knowledge and usage of Kanban throughout Australia and it’s neighbours. Understanding how to handle 21st century knowledge management is not something suitable to traditional management means. Kanban brings you new thinking, tools and support to deepen your capability to deliver to changing customer and market needs. 

At Kanban Australia you’ll be able to ConnectShare and Learn from worldwide and local experts and practitioners who use Kanban in their business.  


Kanban System Design

The Kanban System Design course will enable participants to not only understand the basics of using Kanban at a team level, but also how to actively design better systems of work using the Kanban Method. This will allow participants to lead their teams through evolutionary change in accordance with the needs of the organisation in a meaningful way. 

Participants will come away from this course able to immediately start creating a Kanban system in their organisation!

What Participants will learn

This course is highly interactive – with relevant exercises and simulations allowing students to learn through doing as well as drawing upon the experiences of the trainer. Included in this is:

  • Visualising different types of work
  • Visual board and ticket design
  • Dealing with interrupt work and multi-tasking
  • Pull systems
  • Classes of Service
  • Creating a “flow” for work
  • Using Kanban metrics to manage flow
  • Understanding of “STATIK” – the Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban


Kanban Systems Improvement

The Kanban Systems Improvement course is the second part of the overall Kanban Management Professional curriculum. This course builds on the foundation of the Kanban System Design course and allows participants to take their usage of Kanban to the next level. It will enable participants to tune Kanban rollout initiatives, enable richer feedback loops, and create Upstream and Customer Kanban implementations. All of which allows for Kanban not just at the team level, but enable the interconnected services that help support your business and get closer to being fit for purpose to meet your customer’s expectations.

What Participants will learn

This course is highly interactive – with games and simulations allowing students to learn through doing as well as drawing upon the experiences of the trainer. Case studies are used to help reinforce learning from previous Kanban implementations. Included in this is:

  • Dealing with resistance to WiP limits
  • Understanding asymmetrical commitment
  • Rollout phases for a Kanban initiative
  • Developing a service orientation
  • Managing evolutionary change
  • Upstream Kanban
  • Scaling Kanban across an organisation
  • Dealing with sources of variability such as bottlenecks, blockers and dependencies
  • Kanban Cadences “Service Delivery Review”, “Operations Review”, “Risk Review”


What participants will get

Participants get training certified by Kanban University which includes:

  • Courseware and materials
  • Digital copy of David J Anderson’s book “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business”
  • Certificate of Completion of Kanban University’s Certified Kanban Training for each course
  • Kanban Management Professional credential from Kanban University
  • You get pragmatic, actionable guidance you can implement in your organization next week - because it doesn't require permission, budget or getting others to change
  • You get trainers who are long-time users and world class coaches of the method. 


Lunch will be provided - please advise of any special dietary requirements. 


Who should attend

These courses are intended for team members, Delivery Leads, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Service Delivery Managers, Portfolio or Program Managers, members of the PMO and anyone who wants to develop or enhance their management skills.