Kanban Club – Beginners Yearly Subscription


Regular Kanban sessions for advice, problem solving and information


The Kanban club is set up as a support network for Kanban practitioners. Sessions are setup on a regular basis (at least monthly) and will be available for people to attend either as a club member (pre-paid) or on a casual basis.    

Beginner Focus 

This session will focus on those who are just beginning in your Kanban implementation. This might be your first foray into Kanban and you need some help in implementing it - it's quite often at a team level. Those who have completed the Team Kanban Practitioner class should attend this group.  

What participants can expect

The content of the sessions will vary from session to session, but generally there will be one or more of the following:

  • Scenarios from attendees with questions about their specific problems
  • Exercises given by Evogility to pose different problems for the group to solve
  • Learning through games / simulations
  • Presentations on specific Kanban practices / techniques

How participants can attend

There are two types of subscription available:

  • Casual attendee - pay for a single session at a time
  • Yearly subscription - pay for a year up front and can attend all sessions for a year. This also grants the attendees a 20% discount to Kanban training sessions. 

This is a yearly subscription, for a casual subscription please click here.  


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