Coaches & Consultants

How Kanban can help Coaches & Consultants

Improve your insights

In order to be a valued partner to your clients, you need to be able to provide them insights and recommendations that help no only solve their problems but set them apart from their competitors. Do you have the insights you need to be able to do this? Coaching and consulting from a Kanban lens provides you deep insights into what is going on in an organisation and what you can and can’t do to influence this. 

Unlock the "frozen middle"

Many agile coaches can start to provide improvements within a team boundary, but when they hit the borders of the team they start to encounter all kinds of problem. Many coaches / consultants refer to this as the “Frozen middle” – is this something you’ve experienced? Kanban can help you thaw out this part of the organisation because it gives you insights into management and how to make changes across the organisation. Check out the Okaloa Flowlabs for more insight on improving the overall value stream. 

Assist with confidence

Support your clients with the confidence of a method that’s been used successfully around the world in a variety of industries and across various organisational boundaries. Can you advise across a variety of teams – including technology, HR, marketing, legal, product and all other kinds of knowledge workers? You can if you go with Kanban – you can help people of all kinds of disciplines. Start as a Kanban Management Professional for getting teams started with Kanban. Grow into a Kanban Coaching Professional to help larger groups and deeper problems. 

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